Coffee A Day History


Coffee A Day Group Co., Ltd. is a franchise of coffee and bakery products brand “Coffee A Day” and the inventor of premium ingredients. Choose from a selection of freshly brewed coffee and soft drinks in the coffee shop. This can make a new phenomenon of the coffee shop better. Both in flavor, delicious, concentrated, high quality standards in all branches. The packaging is clean, beautiful and convenient. Outstanding design of the store. Impressive service And importantly, the price is only 50 baht per glass. “Coffee A Day” We are well aware of the current economic situation, where the purchasing power of consumers decreased, and began to ask. “Reasonableness” in shopping more. Our policy is focused on consumers of all career levels. Every income level Get satisfied with the products and services that exceed expectations. Quit asking “Why pay more expensive” And decided to buy without hesitation, calculate the money in the pocket anymore. Adhere to the motto of the brand “Better Together”

“Even at the point of dream, but not stop going.” We want to broaden the scope of business growth steadily rather than standing. “Branding Coffee A Day ” is another important goal. We define the main factors in marketing. It starts with “quality” because it is a stable position for the product. It is one in comparison to other products in the same category. The quality of the product gives consumers a positive attitude towards the product’s features and brand loyalty. The product will sell well. The result is “Coffee Day” is what consumers buy. “Coffee Day” is what consumers choose to consume. There are also a number of important factors that support marketing, whether branded or not. Unique, notably quick to remember. (That would be weird). The packaging looks beautiful and clean. The overall design look of the store must look good, modern and stylish. The location of the distribution to the consumer. Publicity advertising that appeals to the target audience. Another important and indispensable thing is to do business. “Must be moral and honest” to yourself and “customer”, the most important person to decide whether your product deserves the purchase, and how far your business goes?

In September 2012, the “Coffee A Day” brand has entered the international brand. It is one of the franchisees of fresh and brewed coffee shops. Of leading department stores such as Tops Market, Tesco Lotus. Big C Supercenter, HomePro that are great opportunities to acquire high potential sales locations. “Coffee A Day” is a franchise business. We value the quality of the raw materials used to prepare the beverage. All drinks served to customers must be cooked with grade A materials with care and clean quality standards. Customers will come back to buy you again. Because customers have a crush on the purchase. So if you decide to step into the franchise business and are ready to grow with us, you need to understand the importance and be aware of it as much as possible.

Today, “Coffee A Day” is ready to convey a valuable experience and sustainable career to you. We welcome you to participate as part of this phenomenal success.

Business policy

Process Handling Management

Systematic franchise business management to improve the level of business in the franchise system to be managed according to the standard criteria is acceptable. Both locally and internationally aAs well as creating credibility for consumers. And franchisees that have the right to sell products or services. And to increase the competitiveness of the franchise business to grow effectively.


Expand business growth By increasing the distribution channel through franchisees firmly established. All over the Bangkok metropolitan area and all parts of Thailand.


Experience knowledge in managing coffee business to generate income to generate income for business owners. But lack of knowledge and experience.


Focus on good quality products because “quality” is a stable position for the product, which is one when compared to other products in the same category. The quality of the product gives the consumer a positive attitude toward the product. And brand loyalty. Most products will sell well. The result is “The Coffee Day brand is what consumers shop for.” “Coffee a Day is a consumer choice.”

Cost Management

Management management to enhance competitiveness and business operations.


Focus on the consumer, career and income levels. Get satisfied with the products and services that exceed expectations. Quit asking why pay more and why, and make a purchase without hesitation, calculate your pocket money with the brand slogan “Better Together”.

Corperate Image

Create brand recognition products. To be known by focusing on opening franchise stores in the area of commercial areas, including consumers and the opportunity to create sales, such as department stores, plaza.

Shop Image

Design and develop a unique style of the shop, unique and timely to fit the layout of various areas.

Product Image

Produce good quality products above the price to meet the needs of consuming fresh coffee beverages that are likely to increase rapidly and nowadays. Including the development of packaging style, convenient, beautiful, safe, standard food packaging.

Product Champion

Create outstanding products. To gain popularity and Strengthen the brand


Public relations goods and services All franchises. Through various media such as Website, Facebook, the leading franchise magazines. Such as Thai Franchise Guru, SMEs franchise, etc.


Have a promotion plan. To maintain and generate sustainable sales.


Campaign to reduce the use of plastic helps reduce global warming.