“COFFEE A DAY” Franchise, fresh coffee and bakery, easy investment, good return, fast growth, we grow steadily with better and better quality work for you. Coffee A Day Group Co., Ltd. was established in the year of 2006 to operate a franchise of coffee beverage and bakery products under the brand name “COFFEE A DAY”.

“COFFEE A DAY” we are well aware of the current economic downturn in consumer purchasing power and start asking. “Reasonableness” in shopping more. Our policy is focused on consumers of all career levels. Every income level Get satisfied with the products and services that exceed expectations. Quit asking “Pay more expensive than why” and make a purchase without hesitating to calculate the pockets anymore. Adhere to the motto of the brand “Better Together”
The main factor in marketing “COFFEE A DAY”, we value “quality” as a stable position for the product. It is one in comparison to other products in the same category. The quality of the product gives consumers a positive attitude towards the product’s features and brand loyalty. The product will sell well. The result is “COFFEE A DAY” is what consumers buy. “COFFEE A DAY” is what consumers choose to consume.

Today, “COFFEE A DAY” is ready to convey a valuable experience and sustainable career to you. We welcome you to participate as part of this phenomenal success.

Franchise Details

Process of joining franchise business COFFEE A DAY

1. Customer request to join the business to the company.
2. Interview and give details.
3. Customers fill in and location details. (♦♦♦ in case the customer has a location for the store itself)
4. Explore and evaluate the location.
5. Bidding for investment budget with details of all standard equipment and tools. (For approved locations)
6. Make a payment for the opening of the franchise.
7. Scheduled site and signing contract franchise business with payment proportion.
8. Send a plan to operate a franchise with layout and perspective to customers.
9. Construction of the shop. Equipped with training tools and fully operational.

♦♦♦ In case the customer has a location for the store itself. Please send your information accordingly:
• Customer name / Contact phone number or LINE
• Photos of the area / interior – outside the room.
• Location map
• Landmarks near
• Target customers

Franchise Fee

♦ 40,000 Baht with 5 year contract and contract extension Do not charge a franchise fee.

Franchise fee is a fee to acquire the right to operate a business. Or use a brand or service. Or the “COFFEE A DAY” trademark under the specified time and place. This type of fee is the franchise fee paid to franchisees to cover trade secrets, Trademark and including training services. especially at the beginning of the operation. Until income in the business.

Royalty Fee and Marketing Fee

♦ Royalty Fee  12,500 baht per year is calculated as a fee.

Privilege is the franchise fee from the business under the trademark and formula of the Franchisor.

♦ Marketing Fee  12,500 baht per year is calculated as a fee.

Marketing cost is the cost to organize line items and sales support. Provide new information about the steps. usually Continuous product development And to market Advertising as a whole This affects the reputation and marketing results for the entire franchise system.

Design, Construction, Decoration, Shop signage, Menu graphic.
Equipment, Furniture, Training and more.

Minimum 550,000 baht, depending on the size and style of the site.

Note :
  • The company reserves the right to design and build all the shops by a team of professional architects who are the standard style of the Coffee a day.
  • The store layout may be modified to suit different usages and different realities.
Investor qualification
  1. As a legal underage
  2. be honest Follow the rules of the franchise system.
  3. Ready for investment budget.
  4. Have a passion for coffee business.
  5. Have time and ready to take care of the coffee shop.
Good chance of being ``Franchise business``
  1. Licensee uses the trademark “COFFEE A DAY”.
  2. Brand Name is reputation generally accepted.
  3. Have a chance to succeed in doing business and get a high return.
  4. Get advertising via social media and support sales together.
  5. Get training and transferring knowledge of product expertise.
  6. Get training of beverage production and management principles in the shop.
  7. Get advising, methods and solutions to problems in management.
  8. Shorten time to study, learn, product and manage.
  9. Save timing and increase bargaining power.
  10. Shorten the payback period 1-2 years (depending on the location and sales).
  11. Get discount for products, tools and equipment 3%
  12. Free delivery service in Bangkok (Province cost for destination)
    • Free Raw Materials and Packaging
    • Coffee beans 10 kg
    • 22 oz Plastic Bottle with lid 1,000 Sets
    •  Straw 1,000 Tube
    • T Shirt uniform 4 Sets.
    • Apron 2 pieces

Trademark registration No. c 330454 Trademark Office, Department of intellectual property, Ministry of Commerce.

Franchise Application Form